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Chronic Disease Prevention

It is essential to apply somber logic to solid scientific facts in this time of sensationalism and fake news. The Novel Coronavirus is an extraordinarily communicable virus that rapidly sheds. While the effects on many are minor to moderate, the Coronavirus can kill anyone, especially those with immune deficiencies, chronic respiratory, pulmonary, cardiac or endocrinological diseases such as Type II Diabetes, AIDS, Heart Disease, Cancer and more. These are medical facts that cannot be changed. There may be existing anti-viral or other drugs already approved by the FDA that can aid in the treatment of Covid-19. A vaccine or other form of immunology protocol may emerge any day, or be decades away.

While it may be possible to avoid this Novel Coronavirus through limiting exposure, it is critically important to understand that, should you contract the virus, your best defense is a strong offense by bolstering your immunity and wellness as a whole. There are plenty of articles that speak to sleep, stress, mindfulness, etc. during this pandemic. We are focussing solely on ingredients proven to be effective based upon scientific evidence through impartial independent peer-reviewed clinical studies. There are a great deal of anecdotal or empirical claims or suggestions regarding the effectiveness of many ingredients, products, or protocols. While clinical evidence may one day prove these to be correct, and indeed we would not dishway you from pursuing what you believe to be true, we can only discuss proven scientific findings here. 


For the spa enthusiast

Skip any cheap, themed holiday body product packs and opt for quality lotions, masks, and bath salts instead. While taking someone to a local spa as a gift is a good option, you can also easily create a luxurious spa experience at home.

For the daily supplement-taker

While it might seem boring initially, upgrading one or more of the dietary supplements someone takes can have a direct, positive effect on their health. They might even think of you every day when they take it. It’s the perfect way to ensure they are avoiding low-quality and potentially harmful supplements. Of course, these gift ideas require a certain knowledge and intimacy with the person you’re gift-hunting for. The best gifts always do.

  • Fish oil: Most fish oils on the market are rancid, and as a result taste fishy and can make taking fish oil a distasteful daily task. High quality fish oils (like Nordic Naturals) are devoid of that fishy taste and may even have a pleasant lemony flavor. If you want to test the fish oil you already have at home for freshness, we’ve designed a handy fish oil flowchart.
  • Multivitamins: Anything you take every day should be high quality. Pick from our favorite multivitamins, or read our post on how to select the perfect one.
  • Supplements and foods specific to their health conditions: Find out which supplements and foods have clinically proven ingredients for their specific health conditions by shopping by condition. This most likely isn’t a gift for a co-worker or neighbor, but may be a great fit for someone you’re especially close with. Step One Foods is an excellent choice for people with cardiovascular conditions, as an example (the dark chocolate crunch bar is a real treat).

Hopefully, this list has given you more than a handful of options for the health nut(s) in your life. Happy holidays!

Have more gift ideas? Feel free to drop them in the comments section below!