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Biometrics & Nutrition Metrics

Biometric Measurements are critical measurements of a variety of markers that can be used in assessing health condictions and establishing disease risk profies. They provide a benchmark for future reference so you can understand how your body is changing and, under the direction of medical practitioners, make lifestyle, nutirition, supplementation and/or pharmaceutical adjustments for a better life. Make sure to have a complete blood panel at least once a year and follow your physician’s recommendations for other tests that are relevant to your age, gender or medical conditinos.

Nutrition is the key to wellness and Nutirtion Metrics are, once again key elements in benchmarking your nutritional profile and mapping how it changes over time. We believe that wellness is deeply impacted upon by lifestyle and nutrition; and that nutrition through proper eating of quality foods is the primary goal. But when nutrition does not supply sufficient vitamins, minerals and supplements, additinal supplementation becomes appropriate. Additionally, where ingredients are clinically proven to prevent or impove medical conditions, those ingredients should be considered as part of an integative and preventative complimentary medical strategy. Always follow the direction and advice of your physician, first and foremost. But also understand that your health and wellness is also your responsibilty. Sharing your complete nutritional regime with your physicians may help them to provide improved care that can result in better ourcomes.