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Dr. Youko Yeracaris, MD

Dr. Yeracaris is a consultant and has practiced in integrative functional medicine for 20 years.  She is not practicing as a family physician, but rather Holistic Medicine because she has much more than a mere interest.  Her practice ranges national to international and she serves on the board of Nutrition Round table at Harvard Medical School.  Her practice includes women's health especially using herbs and bio identical hormones, also a focus on autoimmune disorders and endocrine dysfunctional disorders, including cardiometabolic disorders. She has a subspecialty in autism spectrum disorders and is also a certified acupuncturist and classically trained homeopath.  Dr. Yeracaris has worked extensively with gut disorders from Crohn's to ulcerative colitis to diverticulosis to cancers, and getting patients off their steroids and medication with healthy results.  She works with disorders from chronic fatigue to fibromyalgia to adrenal insufficiencies to thyroiditis, all with either a blend of allopathic meds or herbs.