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Remedy Rewards

Go Foods offers you a rich loyalty program called “Remedy Rewards®” for shopping with us. Each time you buy on Go Foods you’ll earn Remedy Rewards for future purchases.

  • Remedy Rewards may also be redeemed at participating Health Clubs, Medical Centers, or Associations towards fees, deductibles, membership dues, personal training sessions, products, or services,  *Note: Each organization will decide how they redeem Remedy Rewards (loyalty points), if at all. You can always use them here!

  • Remedy Rewards can also be used to contribute funds under your HSA/HRA program or pay for Health Insurance Premiums. Check with your provider for terms and conditions.

  • Remedy Rewards never expire. We don’t play that game!

  • One point is equal to 1 cent. 1,000 points equals $10.00. Points add up quickly. You earn 6 points for every dollar spent. That’s a 6% rebate on everything you buy.  Try finding that with your credit card or airline!!!

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