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Why Choose Us?

We believe everybody deserves to achieve wellness and your knowledge is the path to achieving it. Who can you trust to provide the truth about nutrition, exercise, health and medicine? You should trust leading physicians, scientists and clinical researchers from unbiased sources.  Fitness Formulary provides this information to you for free, for your use in preventing or treating medical conditions or pursuing health, fitness and wellness goals. Learn from us. Trust us. We offer 44,000 awesome foods, vitamin, minerals, supplements, health and wellness products you can purchase in one convenient place. However, if it's more convenient to you, some of our products can be purchase in high quality retail stores such as Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe.

As in Medicine, our first promise is "First, Do No Harm". Then, our mission is to provide knowledge to consumers to make educated and thoughtful decisions about wellness. We do not provide advice or recommendations. We provide medical facts from clinical studies and connect the dots between those facts and the outcomes you desire.

Our physicians, pharmacists, surgeons, scientists and staff are all committed to integrative and preventative medicine as a first initiative. As such, we seek to provide  knowledge how to prevent disease first before it exists. When treating disease, we look to research to share with you that shows how to do so through lifestyle, diet and attitudinal adjustments first before pharmaceuticals and scalpels. Nevertheless, it is critically important to understand that critical conditions and emergency situations like a heart attack cannot be treated by eating an apple a day. Always refer to your personal physicians for medical advice. Feel free to challenge them with the knowledge you have but always defer to their wisdom and direction.