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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food and Fitness Apps

With the help of apps that focus on food, fitness, and overall health and well-being, it’s become a whole lot easier to stay on track. To bring you some app picks that go beyond the popular calorie-counting apps like MyFitnessPal, our team shared their food and fitness favorites. In this list you’ll find seven GoNo staff members and seven new, clever, and powerful tools to optimize your health.

Staff picks: our favorite food and fitness apps, woman looking at calorie counting app on phone with salad in the background

Our Go-To Food and Fitness Apps


  • Title: Founder/Chairman
  • Role: Chief architect of business concept & relationships

App of choice: NIH’s HerbList, fast, free access to science-based summaries on more than 50 popular herbs

“I’m always trying to find new ways to make the food I cook/eat more functional, and this app comes in handy for herbs! It includes info on a given herb’s history, side effects, drug interactions, and uses, plus what the science says about its effectiveness for health purposes. You can also use it offline, making it a convenient, pocket-sized guide for the grocery store and beyond.”


  • Title: Director of Partner Success
  • Role: Connector & Problem Solver who maintains and acquires partner relationships

App of choice: Yummly, your smart cooking sidekick

“I don’t find myself reaching for any food or fitness app often, but I do like Yummly’s approach to visual and personalized recipes! The app can filter recipes for allergies, types of cuisine you like, dietary restrictions, and disliked foods. Good for inspiration and quick recipe ideas!”


  • Title: President/COO
  • Role: Specializes in Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy

App of choice: Withings Health Mate, a fitness, activity and health-tracker app

“It’s a great app because it integrates with their devices and other apps to track important health measurements, as well as allows for offline measurements.”


  • Title: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Role: Marketing, Campaign Development, Sales Planning

App of choice: HealthyOut, quickly find and order healthy restaurant dishes across the country

“I like it because I am only home two nights a week so having to eat meals on the go is a main staple. You can search for healthy meals in local restaurants by calories, nutrition tags, types of cuisine etc. They continue to add new restaurants and it’s easy to find low cal options quickly.”


  • Title: Creative Director
  • Role: Design printed and UI/UX resources

App of choice: 7 Minute Workout Challenge, scientifically proven workouts that can be done at anytime and anywhere

“Before this app I would stress out about trying to fit in a workout when I’m having an extremely busy day. Not anymore! I like the visual and audio cues, and find the interface engaging and easy to use. The variety of exercises are surprisingly effective for the amount of time invested. I sometimes even do the workouts 2x a day because they’re quick, easy and accessible…which also makes it easy to do when traveling, as long as you remember to pack your smart phone!”


  • Title: Executive Vice President
  • Role: Fitness industry icon, leader, and speaker

Go-to snack: Eat this much, the automatic meal planner

“This food app allows me to plan meals that are customized for my goals. It lets me personalize my meal planning based on my budget, preferences, and schedule. It also gives me recipes and grocery lists so everything can work easily for me.”


  • Title: Editorial & Marketing Content Director
  • Role: Science communicator, social media manager, writer, and editor

App of choice: Cara, food, mood, and poop tracker for IBS & IBD

“As someone who is currently trying to sort out her food sensitivities, Cara is an incredibly helpful app. It allows me to track my digestive and non-digestive symptoms, log foods/meals (and attach pictures if I want), and helps me see patterns in my symptoms. As sort of a fun additional piece of motivation and accountability, the app also gives points for thoroughly logging days (bonus for consecutive days!).”

Hopefully, you enjoy these apps as much as we do! Share your favorite go-to food, fitness, or wellness app in the comments below, or let us know which ones from our list you already love or are excited to try!

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