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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Grab-and-go Snacks

Picking clean-label snacks can be a challenge. And sometimes, all of your effort reading labels leads to a snack that doesn’t quite satisfy…or worse, tastes like actual cardboard. Here at GoNo, our business is nutrition, so we thought we’d save you some trial and error by sharing our favorite conveniently packaged goods. None of these picks have been paid for, it’s just our honest, personal preference! All possible products are hyperlinked in case you do want to check them out.

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If you’re looking to pick minimally processed foods but aren’t sure where to start, these recommendations can be a jumping-off point, and our blog post from earlier this week (titled A Quick Guide to Picking Clean-Label Snacks) can give you some handy guidelines to go by.

Our Go-To Bars & Snacks


  • Title: President/COO
  • Role: Specializes in Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy

alex with rx barrx bars

Go-to snack: Rx bars

“If I’m feeling hungry or know I’m going to miss a meal, my go to is the RxBar for a hearty snack. I love the variety of flavors and the clean ingredients listed on the front of the package!”


  • Title: Chief Marketing Office
  • Role: Marketing, Campaign Development, Sales Planning

 merideth head shotpower_crunch_bar_variety_pack

Go-to snack: Power Crunch Bars 

“Love the Power Crunch bars for breakfast or right before I workout. Gives me just enough energy to power through a busy morning or a tough workout.”


  • Title: Founder/Chairman
  • Role: Chief architect of business concept & relationships

adam headshotstep one foods dark chocolate crunch

Go-to snack: From the Twin Cities brand Step One Foods, the Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar is Adam’s top choice for a functional treat.

“This bar can effectively reduce cholesterol, and is tasty, airy and light; goes great with berries, sherry, sorbet, and Stilton.”


  • Title: Creative Director
  • Role: Design printed and UI/UX resources

amy headshotclif bars81HZO2RYwhL._SY355_

Go-to snack: Clif Bar, especially the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Crunch Bars

“While Clif’s got some great flavors going on, my personal favorite is white chocolate macadamia nut. These bars are especially filling, making them a great option whenever I’m pressed for time and hungry!” 


  • Title: CTO/Chief Architect
  • Role: NextGen hands-on healthcare technology leader


Go-to snack: Jerky

“Protein snack that helps meet daily protein needs. Low fat and low carb. Tastes good. It’s like bacon with less fat, and everyone likes bacon.”


  • Title: Director of Partner Success
  • Role: Connector & Problem Solver who maintains and acquires partner relationships

Kelly holding kind clusterskind clusters

Go-to snack: Kind oats and honey clusters (with toasted coconut). Also frequently grabs a Kind bar, chocolate almond is her favorite flavor 

“It’s a great choice whether you’re on the go or want a healthy breakfast at home. I add Kind clusters to my salads, yogurt, fruit, or just eat it plain. My kids love it and it tastes great!”


  • Title: Executive Vice President
  • Role: Fitness industry icon, leader, and speaker

Dangood health olive oil chips

Go-to snack: Good Health chips 

“Occasionally, I like a good potato chip and if I’m going to go for it I prefer a healthy one. Good Life Kettle Chips are gluten free, low in salt, have no artificial anything and use only 100% Olive Oil. Good for the heart and good for the tummy.”


  • Title: Editorial & Marketing Content Director
  • Role: Science communicator, social media manager, writer, and editor

Halie with larabarlara bars

Go-to snack: Larabar

“These bars honestly feel like a treat. Ooey-gooey, sweet, and every bar has as few ingredients as possible. The ones with chocolate chips are essentially a wholesome dessert. If you don’t like the whole gooey-bar thing, the new seed & nut variety has got some crunch to it!”

Keeping a bar in your car, your bag, or your backpack can be a lifesaver. It can also prevent an unhealthy, hunger-motivated purchase, or satisfy a sweet-tooth.

Hopefully, you enjoy these clean-label packaged goodies as much as we do! Share your favorite go-to snack in the comments below, or let us know which ones from our list you’re excited to try!